Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Progress???//WIP Wednesday

Can you believe another week is over? It's almost the middle of June - which here means that Birthday Season is about to begin. Kristofer turns 6 on Sunday, our twin nephews (Ben and Jake) are 5 next week,  then I am *whispers* 31 at the very beginning of July. My older sister has a birthday just 3 days after mine and Robbie turns 8 right at the end of July - it's crazy hectic!!! Thankfully I decided to not do birthday knits; I'm loving focusing on some selfish knitting at the moment to be honest. So that leads to my WIP Wednesday........
I've made just a tiny bit of progress on my Sea Turtle socks - why? Because I got super frustrated with the charts - the only charts I've used in my knitting thus far was for OWLs and that is easy to follow. However I have asked on Ravelry (where someone always knows!!) and I know what I'm doing now. These are a knit that I tend to only do when the boys are at school or in bed - it's just a weeny bit too complicated for a simple knit:
 So I kind of cast on something else - I do feel kind of bad because Robbie's dinosaur should be getting more attention - but I WILL get that finished sometime soon. So what did I cast on??? Another Hogwarts Express shawl - I loved my first one so much but it wasn't perfect and I decided that the colours in my Zauberball were perfect. So I've cast on with a slightly larger needle to get a nice airy feeling; then I'll go down a 0.5 needle size for the owls and back up to finish off - theoretically it should work but I will be using lifelines just incase!!! It's also a really simple knit, for just watching TV with or knitting while I'm out.
I'm so excited to see what everyone else is working on this week; as always I'm playing along with Tami and Ginny - go stop by their blogs to play along too!!!
V xo


  1. The shawl is very cool! I haven't seen the pattern before, and it looks like it will be lovely :-) Plus, I'm all for anything Harry Potter!

  2. Love shawl colors! Thanks for sharing.

  3. All those birthdays - what fun! Sounds like you need to have a giant pool party with a million kinds of cake and ice cream :) Glad you got the charts sorted; pretty colour for socks. Looks like the KAL I'm signed up for, but I haven't even cast on yet!

  4. Selfish knitting is the best ;-)

    Looking forward to seeing your socks progressing. I'm still a bit wary of charts although I'm getting more used to them. I guess it's just practice

  5. Amazing colors! Good luck with the birthdays.

    Here's my WIP:

  6. I don't get along with charts very well. Me and lace. Nuh-uh!!