Monday, 24 June 2013

On Making Decisions//Knit Life

You know when sometimes things are just not working out properly? When you have to make decisions but it's a little nervewracking? Well that's where I've been at lately - I have felt very bogged down by just about everything; including my knitting.

So I made some decisions - I have left the socktopus KAL, I will knit socks from the book but in my time and without constraints. I have also stopped doing knit the queue - it's really hard to stick to knitting just the things in my queue right now - I fall in and out of love with patterns quite regularly, thus my queue needs to reflect this!!!

I am sticking with Year of Projects as it's comes into a new year at the beginning of July - this is a projects I've really enjoyed, it's encouraged me to learn BUT to do so at my pace, and the people in the group are all really lovely (and supportive - thanks girlies).

So currently I have 2 main projects on the needles; one project that needs felted and one project in mind - that I might just cast on later. I feel good about my knitting again. Sometimes I get a little dragged under by things!!!

Thanks for all the lovely comments on my last post, it's so nice to know that you are all still reading and still here for me.
V xo


  1. It's no good when we get too bogged down by "must do" knitting - I'm glad you've found your happy place again :)

  2. Knitting is supposed to be fun, I think it's really positive that you've recognised things weren't working for you. Enjoy knitting the projects you want to knit :)

  3. I try to do events like Kals and similar things but I get bored with a project or I decide I don't really love it so I just stop doing it too. Life is to short to knit things you don't love

  4. I've decided to stop worrying about knit the queue too. I am knitting stuff I intend to knit and it has got me being more proactive I'm pairing up yarn from stash with queued items. I'm also using my queue to decide whether I need that bargain yarn from the sale that was emailed to me. I am drastically reducing my yarn spending that way. It has served it's purpose, but I just can't get excited about knitting so much from it. So I'm going to stop worrying about it.

  5. I don't set knitting targets because I know it would stress me out if I didn't meet them. Knitting is a release from all the other insanities in my life.

  6. Knitting should be for YOUR pleasure, not someone else's timeline. I hope this decision allows you to find pleasure in it once again