Sunday, 8 September 2013

Fibre vs Fleece//Spinny News

Being a new spinner is a little complicated - especially if you have no clue what you are talking about. For example I asked on Ravelry last week about Fleece when in actual fact I meant Fibre - I didn't know the 2 were completely different things and in all honesty I felt a little silly having not researched it all.
I have a small but very nice selection of fibres, that were kindly donated by some lovely people over on Ravelry. I have to admit that I've taken to looking at sheep a little more lovingly these past few weeks. During this past week I spent a day on a coach trip with my MIL, we went to a gorgeous place on the west coast (of Scotland) called Callander but on the way up there we stopped in Aberfoyle.
Aberfoyle has a small petting zoo type area, and I spotted this lovely:
Don't you think that fleece would make gorgeous yarn? And he's pretty cute too. I have to admit that I inquired about the sheep - hoping they might sell fibre but alas it was not meant to be. The lovely lady I spoke to did offer me a whole fleece (for just £12) but I'm not sure the other people on the coach would have enjoyed that.

I'm really starting to figure out the different types of sheep; the different fibres available. I love to learn!!!
What have you learned this week?
V xo


  1. There is SO MUCH to learn about spinning, way more than knitting, it is easy to feel overwhelmed or silly but don't! Most spinners are very nice people and are happy to share what they know.

  2. That fleece would make a lovely yarn.

  3. As a new spinner interested in different sheep breeds I would recommend getting the book The Field Guide to Fleece. I have reviewed it on my blog if you want to read about it. It would make a great reference when you buy spinning fiber.

  4. What a handsome sheep! I've been spinning for about 2 yrs and only this year brought my first fleece so take your time and enjoy learning your new skill.